Residential Inspections

From roof to foundation, inside and out, The BrickKicker offers the most thorough home inspections in Georgia.

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An Inspector from The BrickKicker reviewing a lamp at the front of a house

Examining Every Inch

No one sees more than The BrickKicker. We enter every space we can fit into and use infrared technology to see the things you can’t see. Every room, every floor, every accessible space is inspected by our expert crew, giving you a clear picture of your future home. Feel free to check out a copy of a sample home inspection report. As you can see, we don’t leave anything out when it comes inspecting your home. We will take pictures, videos, and sound recordings if need be.

All home inspections come with:

Home Warranty

We have partnered with Guard Home Warranty to provide 30-Day Free Home Warranty for all of our inspections.

Same day reports

Same Day Reports

Time is of the essence and we do not keep you waiting for a detailed report.

Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection

We offer free termite inspections by a licensed exterminator.

Digital HomeBinder

Digital HomeBinder

Our Digital HomeBinder will help you stay on top of home maintenance to retain your home’s value.

Why Do I Need a Residential Inspection?

We know you’ve just fallen in love with a home and it’s taken a lot of work to get it under contract, but understanding the home’s condition and the cost to maintain it will guide you in evaluating the feasibility of your offer. Properties with structural issues, water damage, or pest infestations can create costly problems that aren’t always obvious to the untrained eye. Sellers are frequently unaware of major issues or fail to disclose them because they do not understand their severity. Our inspectors are trained to evaluate all of the systems of the home, helping you truly understand what you’re buying and the cost of home ownership.

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