Saving You Time During The Transaction

Our detailed reports have received a recent bonus! With every report, we now include Repair Pricer Max©, giving you a thorough breakdown of all repair costs. Pick and choose which repairs you find most important, and generate your own report to show to your clients. This tool allows you to control the narrative as you guide your clients through the transaction process, as no cost estimates are sent to your clients. That would surely overwhelm them and blow the deal, so we send the report only to you, the agent!

Stay In Front Of Your Clients

Every client that has an inspection by The BrickKicker obtains access to their very own HomeBinder©. This allows them to receive regular emails regarding their home’s maintenance and upkeep! All correspondence between HomeBinder© and your clients is specifically branded with your information, keeping you in front of them for the entire time they live in the home. Repeat clients are a given thanks to HomeBinder©, and also boosts your referrals!

Easily Contact Local Professionals

At the very bottom of all of our inspection reports, we include a list of trusted contractors and professionals for any and all problem areas in the home. This ensures that you are not spending time locating companies able to fix problem areas, but instead saves you that time by giving you direct access.

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