Home Inspections, Not Just For Buyers Anymore

By: Rachel Roberts | Published On: December 8, 2022 | Categories: Athens, Legal, Pre-listing inspections, The Home Inspection

Make More Money When Selling Your Home

A pre-listing inspection can make your listing stand out in a hyper-competitive real estate market. When a potential buyer shows interest in your home they want to feel comfortable that they are receiving the proper value for their money. With a pre-listing inspection, you can ease the emotional shock of home-buying by opening your doors and saying “my home has nothing to hide.”

During negotiations having a pre-listing inspection will increase your leverage. If you hire the right home inspection company your pre-listing inspection report will be proof that your home comes with no pesky surprises. The buyer should have no grounds to ask for repairs and may even wave the inspection.

In a seller’s market time is valuable, so why not streamline the entire process by presenting everything about your home upfront? Closing on your home early can lead to more money and less stress.

A pre-listing inspection also gives you time to choose the right repair company for the job. With enough lead time, you can be more selective in who you chose to do your home repairs. Choosing the right home repair company is imperative. Having the job done right by a company you choose and trust beats having to scramble and make repairs during the short window of time during the real estate transaction.

The Brickkicker Inspection Service offers flat rate pricing on all pre-listing inspections. All of our pre-listing inspections include a full home inspection plus a complimentary cost estimate report on your home from the roof down to the foundation.