Well Yield Testing

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What is well yield testing?

Well Yield testing is the process of determining how much water the well can supply over a certain amount of time. This test takes around one to one-and-a-half hours to complete. During the test, the inspector will measure how many gallons of water are produced at specific time increments until roughly 350 gallons have been drawn. He then enters the measurements into the WelGard Reporting Software to give you a report detailing the well’s yield capabilities. 

Why should I get well yield testing?

At The BrickKicker, we recommend that you get your well tested during a home inspection or any time there is a permanent change in household capacity. Just because the well worked consistently for a household of three, doesn’t necessarily indicate the well will perform at the same capacity for a household of four or more. This change in occupancy can lead to low water pressure or declined water quality. 

What is included with well yield testing?

Most home inspections completely exclude the well from their inspection. When you book your well yield testing appointment with The BrickKicker, you get more than just a testing service. We also provide you with a full visual inspection as well as a free three month Premium Protection Warranty with WelGard. 

The WelGard Warranty covers the well, all well parts, and redrilling the well. WelGard even offers the opportunity to renew your warranty for a longer period of time. 

How do I book my appointment?

If you’re ready to book your well yield testing appointment, feel free to call our office at 706-353-2745, or book online at our website here. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us! Our office would be happy to help you better understand your testing needs! 

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Well yield testing

Well Yield Testing

A Well Yield Test from The BrickKicker will help homeowners understand how much water their well can supply on a daily basis. Buying a home with a faulty well can lead to issues with low water pressure and poor water quality. In some cases you could end up without water altogether. Just because a well has performed adequately in the past does not mean it can meet the demands of a new family after a change in occupancy.

With every Well Yield Test, you can expect:

Well Yield Testing

Before you buy, it is important to know that the well will generate enough water flow and rate to meet the needs of your family. Changes in occupancy result in different water demands.

Well Yield Testing

If a property has a low-yield well, restoring the household water supply could be rather costly. Replacing the well could be the most costly repair you will ever face.

Well Yield Testing

Scheduling a well yield test with a home inspection will save you money. We offer professional service packages for well and water testing.

Georgia’s Leader in Well Yield Testing

Every well yield test from The BrickKicker comes with a complimentary six-month warranty from our friends at WelGuard. The warranty covers the well and well components. It even covers redrilling the well, if necessary.

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