Inspector Spotlight

By: Rachel Roberts | Published On: August 31, 2022 | Categories: Athens, Franchise, Georgia, The Home Inspection

Meet The BrickKicker Team

Meet Andrew- a home inspector, father and problem-solver!

 What made you want to become a home inspector? 

 I enjoy and am skilled at investigative problem solving. I have always had an interest in how things are built and how things work. After going through the home buying process myself I developed an interest in real estate. I found that the home inspection was the most transparent and helpful part of the home buying process. My home inspector gave me honest and clear information on the condition of the home. I felt I could trust their opinion because they did not have an interest in whether or not I purchased the property that they were inspecting. The inspector’s report helped prevent me from making a bad decision in buying one house and made me feel confident in buying another. Looking for a career change and after some research I found that my previous work experience and skill set were well suited for transitioning into becoming a home inspector. 

What standards do you follow? 

I follow the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) standard of practice for home inspections. 

What do you look for in a home inspection?

 In a home inspection I generally look for components and systems of the home that are damaged, improper installations, beyond their life, and/or substandard and if not corrected may result in damages and/or safety hazards.

 Describe your job in 3 words. 

 Home uncertainty removal

Best thing about being part of The Brickkicker Team? 

There are several things I like about working for The Brickkicker, but probably what I like most is the help that I get from each team member of the team. Whether it’s a simple question or opinion over the phone or more hands-on and one on one assistance, I have always felt comfortable asking for help when it’s needed. 

 What’s in your coffee? 

 I like my coffee with differing levels of sweetness depending on my mood. Saturday morning coffee does not need as much sugar as Monday morning coffee. That being said, I try to avoid drinking coffee.

 Tell us something we don’t know? 

I’m a total Trekkie. I’ve watched the entire series of Star Trek: The Next Generation twice. I like that each episode is its own story. Apart from a few “To be continued” episodes, each episode generally ends at the end of that episode. It feels like there is less resolve in modern television.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

I’m looking forward to my newborn son growing old enough to play with his older sister. I am looking forward to growing both my career as a home inspector and professional musician. I am looking forward to time well spent.

 What are your hobbies?

Playing music/guitar is probably my number one hobby but that is also a second profession. My hobbies: Swimming with my daughter, making pizzas for family and friends, and making tie-dye shirts. I love to build things. I like to backpack, camp, fly fish, and do general outdoor stuff, but rarely find the time to do these things anymore with two kids and work. Add spending more time outdoors to things I am looking forward to in the future.