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11-Month Warranty Inspections

If you skipped the Pre Drywall and the New Constructions Inspections, an 11 Month Warranty Inspection may be your only option. The BrickKicker delivers the information you need to make repairs on any home at any stage of construction. An 11-Month Warranty will help you identify repairs to request from your builder before your 1-year warranty runs out.

With every 11-Month Warranty Inspections you can expect:

No one sees more than The BrickKicker. We enter every space we can fit into and use infrared technology to see the things you can’t see. Every room, every floor, every accessible space is inspected by our expert crew, giving you a clear picture of your future home. Feel free to check out a copy of a sample report.

All home inspections come with:

11-Month Warranty Inspections

Report building code violations that your builder can not ignore.

11-Month Warranty Inspections

Go “beyond the code” and proactively report known issues that develop into major issues over time.

11-Month Warranty Inspections

Identify seasonal maintenance issues and prepare for the cost of maintaining your home.

Georgia’s Leader in 11 Month Warranty inspections

We have always wondered if this service was invented by home inspectors that were not qualified to inspect new construction. Builders have strict requirements (insurance and certifications) for anyone who inspects their newly constructed properties. Most home inspectors can not inspect new construction. When you hire The BrickKicker, your builder can not ignore our findings.

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