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Annual Property Reviews

Home Inspections are not just for buyers and sellers! The best way to maintain your home and stay on top of maintenance is with an Annual Property Review from The BrickKicker.

With every Annual Review, you can expect:

Annual Property Reviews

Solid maintenance advice that will help prevent costly repairs.

Annual Property Reviews

We will help identify upcoming maintenance needs to help you allocate your resources.

Annual Property Reviews

We will review accessible, concealed spaces to find hidden problems that otherwise go unnoticed.

Georgia’s Leader in Annual Reviews

When routine maintenance is ignored, it can turn into major defects down the road that end up costing you money when it’s time to sell your home. Annual Reviews will identify maintenance issues that can be addressed before they become major problems. We will review your home from the roof down to the foundation and identify necessary repairs as well as components and systems that are near the end of life.

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