Lead Testing in Athens, Atlanta, Gwinnett, Gainesville, Greensboro, Hartwell and northeast Georgia communities.

Lead Testing

Lead based paint could be present in homes constructed prior to 1978. Lead may be a concern if you are purchasing an older home and especially if you have young children. It can contaminate your living space and harm family members when paint fails or moving parts like doors and windows create dust.

With every Lead Test, you can expect:

Lead Testing

We will report building code violations that your builder can not ignore.

Lead Testing

Peace of Mind. Be sure that your home and family are safe from hazards from exposure.

Lead Testing

3rd Party Verification. Before you hire a contractor to renovate your home, hire a 3rd party inspector to determine if hazards exist.

Georgia’s Leader in Testing

If you have concerns about lead based paint when purchasing a pre-1978 home, The BrickKicker can help. We work with a lab that can return results quickly to give you peace of mind during your due diligence. Homeowners who are planning renovations of older homes may also want a third party to test the paint before hiring a contractor.

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