An inspector from The BrickKicker reviewing a roof

Pre-Listing Inspections

A Pre-Listing Inspection from The BrickKicker will raise buyer confidence and attract higher offers with shorter due diligence periods and faster closings. When Buyers can make informed decisions, everyone wins.

With every Pre-Listing Inspection, you can expect:

Pre-listing Inspections

A pre-listing inspection decreases the chances that the buyer will find hidden defects then demand concession or back out of the deal.

Realtor Resources

Save the seller money, because they have the ability to price out various contractors, materials, and time frames depending on their preferences.

Realtor Resources

Ensure the home is priced correctly and use the fact that it has been inspected already as a selling point.

Georgia’s Leader in Pre-Listing Inspections

A pre-listing inspection from The BrickKicker has the same level of detail as a Buyers Homes Inspection. Our certified home inspectors examine each component and system of the home to ensure that they are working properly and that there are no major issues that would compel a buyer to walk.

While the buyer is typically the only one who has a home inspector look at the house during a real estate transaction, it is becoming more and more common for sellers to have an inspection as well.

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