Professional Mold Testing

Professional Mold Testing

Mold is commonly found in places where moisture is present throughout the home. Mold growth is often recognized by colors such as white, pink, orange, green, blue, black or brown. When present in large quantities mold can become a major health concern. Mold is generally divided into three groups based upon health effects. Mold is probably one of the most common environmental inspection finds, and some cases are hazardous to your health while other cases are not as severe. A professional mold test can give you the information you need to protect against this unwelcome visitor!

With every Professional Mold Test, you can expect:

Professional Mold Testing

With our Thermal Imaging cameras we are able to detect unseen moisture build up and determine which type of mold may be present in your home.

Professional Mold Testing

We don’t just take one sample, we take three! With every mold test, our trained professionals are prepared to take air or surface samples as needed.

Professional Mold Testing

Mold cases can range from hazardous to not severe. The professionals at The BrickKicker can help diagnose the cause and types of mold found in your home.

Georgia’s Leader in Professional Mold Testing

Mold is an unwelcome visitor in your home, leading to rot, decay, and occasionally, health problems. Knowing how to detect mold can save you lots of headache and unwanted repairs, so let’s explore how to test for mold in the air, your walls, and all around your house with help from The BrickKicker!

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If you think you are in need of mold testing check out our Mold Q&A page.

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