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Radon Testing

Radon is a colorless, odorless soil gas that causes lung cancer. Some counties in Georgia have elevated radon in 45% or more of homes. The EPA recommends radon testing with every real estate transaction. The BrickKicker can help you navigate your testing needs.

With every Radon Test, you can expect:

Radon Testing

Quick Results. Our radon monitors deliver accurate results without having to wait for a lab.

Radon Testing

Peace of Mind. Be sure that your home is safe from the second leading cause of lung cancer behind cigarettes.

Radon Testing

It’s unavoidable. Testing by home buyers increases every year. Fix the home for your family instead of some else’s.

Georgia’s Leader in Testing

Radon testing during a real estate transaction requires specialized equipment and training to get reliable results quickly. The BrickKicker Home Inspectors use continuous monitors to complete short term tests without waiting on out-of-state laboratories and the inevitable shipping delays. We have seen a dramatic increase in radon testing over the years and eventually testing will be required by some lenders. Don’t wait to sell your home to find out you need a radon reduction system. Call The BrickKicker today to request a professional test.

Learn More

Here is a link to the University of Georgia’s Radon Extension Map to see if your area has radon.

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