When Realtors Price Shop for Their Clients

By: Mike Leggett | Published On: September 10, 2018 | Categories: The Home Inspection

Recently we had some feedback from some Realtors that know and trust us. The question we asked was “You send us most of your clients but sometimes you tell them to call another company. What makes you think they are better in some situations?” The answer was the same for all three of the agents: price. They all agreed that we were the most thorough and most qualified inspectors in the area but sometimes their clients were purchasing homes that were “easy” so they referred them to a low-cost competitor. This may seem like they are looking out for their clients’ best interests but is it really?
If a buyer is completing their due diligence and is paying for a home inspection they are doing it to uncover latent defects or upcoming expenses. If a client is only hiring a Home Inspector to check off a box, why hire one at all? Why save 7% when you can save 100%? If the house appears to be in order and well taken care of, then the last thing you need is a discounted inspector. This is when you need a thorough and well trained inspector the most. In my experience, the worst houses I’ve seen are the “well maintained by a single owner” or “contractor renovated” homes. They have been given meticulous attention to cosmetic details but no one has been in the attic or the crawlspace since it was built.
Instead of focusing on price, let’s turn their attention to value. What does the other inspection company offer with the inspection? At The BrickKicker we offer several things that are unmatched by our competitors. We offer a free Homebinder Account with every inspection. In addition to the value of the service ($120), if used properly it can increase the value of the home when it’s time to sell. The Porch Home Assistant (a $350 value) will help them transfer or set up utilities and find qualified contractors for repairs for the life of the home. We even give them $100 in discounts to help pay for these repairs. We offer other bonus gifts like $100 off their first gas bill with Gas South and a free alarm system from ADT. We also offer an unmatched Inspection Guaranteed. They have a full 90 Days to decide if they are satisfied with our work. If they find out later that we missed something, they can get their money back.
Here’s another reason to keep The BrickKicker at the top of your list: liability. By having consistent referral practices you are exercising the same standard of care for all of your clients. When you decide that the home doesn’t need attention to detail and thoroughness because the house is an “easy one”, you are making an exception to the way you treat a particular client. If the cheaper inspector misses something, your client had good reason to question why you made this exception and recommended the cheaper inspector.
So, the next time you want to help your client save money, tell them to call The BrickKicker. If you really think it’s worth risking your reputation to save them $25 dollars, I suggest asking Jen Fleece for a coupon first. She has a stack of them in her car.

The BrickKicker has referral indemnity that covers all referring parties and you will always be covered when you refer us.

NOTE:  Each The BrickKicker operation is independently owned and operated.  Some services and programs may not be available in all locations.  Please call your local The BrickKicker to see what is available in your location.

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