New Construction Inspections

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New Construction Inspections

Protect your home with a new construction inspection from The BrickKicker of Georgia.

With every New Construction Inspection, you can expect:

New Construction Inspections

Construction Done Right

We report above and beyond the code’s minimum standards.

New Construction Inspections

Code Certified Inspectors

We meet all the requirements of your new building contract.

New Construction Inspections

Exceptional Service

We meet all the requirements of your new building contract.

Georgia’s Leader in New Construction Inspections

At The BrickKicker we have more time, more advanced equipment, and more training than municipal inspectors. We see the consequences of poor but acceptable building practices in older homes every day; because of this, we go beyond the minimum standards of the building code. Buyers lose their leverage with the builder after closing and with subcontractors 11 months later, so stay ahead of issues with an inspection today! We meet all of the certification, insurance, and licensing requirements of new contracts in Georgia.

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By: Mike Leggett | Published On: September 16, 2019 | Categories: The Home Inspection

We get it. Why would anyone suggest getting an inspection on a newly constructed property? 

The Builder has invested a substantial amount of time, money and emotional energy in constructing a home. Dozens of tradespersons have worked together for hundreds of hours over several months to showcase their best work. The county inspector reviewed the work throughout the construction process and has given their blessing. A REALTOR spent their hard-earned marketing dollars to find the right buyer. That buyer fell in love with the home. 

Who wants a home inspector to come along and disrupt the process?

We couldn’t agree more. At The BrickKicker, we see ourselves as part of the process and we understand our place within it. Our job is to educate buyers and give them an honest, unbiased survey of the home. We help them complete their due diligence so they can move forward with confidence.

We see the consequences of shortcuts and poor practices on a daily basis. In Georgia, you get a one-year warranty on your new home but your builder may have no leverage over his subcontractors 11 months after they have been paid for their work. A new construction inspection by The BrickKicker will identify potential issues before closing while you have the negotiating position to get things done correctly.

While a traditional home inspection is designed to look at the elements of an existing home a new construction inspection can go one step further. We can verify code compliance and have more time and better tools than the county building inspectors that have periodically stopped by during construction. We pay special attention to the issues that are frequently overlooked. The BrickKicker inspectors will provide you with the information you need to prepare a final punch-list. This is a list of items found in new construction which are incomplete, missing or completed in a less than quality manner.

What should buyers look for when choosing an inspector for new construction?

The State of Georgia has no licensing or certification requirements for home inspectors. One thing that distinguishes The BrickKicker from other companies is our commitment to continuing education. We complete 2 hours of CE per inspector, per week. We have some of the most educated, tested and trained inspectors in the State of Georgia and we can meet any builder requirements. Our minimum standard is certification by The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), the only 3rd party accredited home inspection association. All of our inspectors meet the highest standards in our industry. Some builders demand a higher standard, the International Code Council Residential Combination Inspector certification (ICC R5). We meet that requirement as well. 

Buyers should be aware that a Purchase and Sales Agreement for a newly constructed home will likely specify that they hire a home inspector with specific credentials and insurance that most practicing home inspectors in Georgia do not have. If you choose the wrong inspector you may find out the day before your scheduled inspection that they are not permitted on the property. When you are looking for an ICC Residential Combination Inspector with Workers’ Compensation Insurance, a business license and General Liability Insurance, call The BrickKicker. 

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