Retain Your Home’s Value With HomeBinder

By: Rachel Roberts | Published On: October 20, 2023 | Categories: Maintenance, Safety, The Home Inspection

The BrickKicker Has Inspected My Future Home

Excellent! Your inspection with The BrickKicker has earned you more than just a report; it has unlocked everything you need to know about your future home’s current state, immediate and necessary repairs, and another tool- HomeBinder- which will help you keep your home in tip-top shape!

I’ve Closed On My New Home, Now What?

We are thrilled that you’ve found your dream residence! The BrickKicker wants to help you keep it as well-maintained and as energy-efficient as possible. We know that these days, the real estate economy isn’t forgiving, and we want to assist in you keeping your money in your pockets. Let’s dive into how one of our tools- HomeBinder– will help you do just that!

How Does HomeBinder Help Me?

  • Stay Up To Date on Repairs & Recalls: HomeBinder sends you reminders when your home is due for maintenance- no need to stress over remembering every upcoming check-up. Additionally, any recalls on appliances stored in HomeBinder will be brought to your attention- giving you peace of mind.
  • Find a Contractor: HomeBinder supplies you with a full list of trusted, certified contractors local to your area. Finding a professional to fix your leak or service your HVAC unit is just a call away!
  • Home Details: As your inspection report is being populated- so is your HomeBinder! All of your home’s information is conveniently stored in your account, giving you access to every detail of your home, from the year it was built down to the model of your refrigerator, even storing your favorite paint colors. With unlimited document storage, you can say goodbye to paper trails!
  • Easily Accessible: Your home’s information is at the tips of your fingers, available on any device 24/7/365! This electronic binder keeps you well-informed and clutter-free.
  • Seller Report: When the time comes and you’re ready to say goodbye to your home and find something new, HomeBinder assists in your marketing efforts by promoting your home for you, opening up your options, and making the new change seamless!

Whether you are putting an offer on a home or just beginning to scope out the real estate in a new town, The BrickKicker is here to help you put your mind at ease once you’ve found the perfect new property! Our professional team prides itself on not only providing you with high quality service, but also on keeping you informed about your home and the routine care it needs. When you’re ready to have your future place inspected, give us a call, and we’ll handle the rest!